Da un pezzo tutto va di male in peggio. Ho provato, per davvero. Altro non posso fare, quindi posso solo sperare che torni.
Non ti preoccupare, ho tempo. Equivocare, bugia per me, annoiare perdere. Come imparo e farò quello che abbiamo deciso una volta, forse ho perso, ma naturalmente, non mi pento.
Ma ricordo, non mi piace questo che stai facendo.

Seriously, italian is more difficult than I thought. As you can see, I’m trying to learn.  ¿Why? Easy. I love Italy, probably more than I love myself (hahaha that’s imposible). But truly, I would really like to live some day there, and also I would love to speak fluently italian, that would be amazing. The reason I wrote it in this language is that italian is (or was, I don’t know anymore) our favorite language, so I thought that it would be nice.

Well, what I came to say with the brief text above is that there are people, who for a long time has been by your side, does not mean that it will always be.

It may be I who is wrong, maybe I’m the only one who cares.  Although I hope it doesn’t. Friendship is not always forever, even if you belived otherwise. I can say that this is one of the most painful ways to break your heart. I would never want it to anyone.




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